Guernsey’s largest Nightclub
Featuring its own cocktail lounge and pre-club bar.

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Youth Comission Under 18's Halloween Disco

yclogoWe're excited to have been approached by some of the young people who attend the Guernsey Youth Comission to help them put on a teen disco this Half Term.

The disco will be on Friday 31st from 2pm til 5.30pm for those aged between 10 and 15.

Entry will cost £3 per person and includes free soft drinks (Coke, Lemonade, Water & Juices)

Adults will get free entry if you would like to accompany your child but must pay for soft drinks.

Fancy dress is optional but the club will be fully decorated for Halloween. 

We have trained security staff along side the staff from the youth commission who will be there to support the young people that organised the event and others who would like to attend.

November @ Fusion

We've got loads of great things happening in November....

Membership Cards

Our membership cards are being ordered and we should have them in the next two weeks, which is GREAT news.  Watch this space for more information on the benefits for membership or SIGN UP NOW


Friday 31st October & Saturday 1st November we open our Haunted Carnival.  With Candy Floss, Popcorn, Apple Bobbing and loads more great carnival attractions, make sure you dress to SCARE for the halloween weekend at Fusion.

70's & 80's CHARITY NIGHT

Raising money for the Guernsey Cheshire home, we're taking you back in time with a 70's and 80's charity night on the 14th November.  Dress in your favourite outfit from the decades that fashion forgot and re-live all those memories. (Or just experience them for the first time..!)


Get an Extra £5 on us!

We've launched our New Years event yesterday and for the first 100 customers, we're having this an even BIGGER offer.

The first 100 people to buy their NYE ticket online will be able to select a bonus £5 Voucher ABSOLUTELY FREE*. Thats £45 to spend at the bar for New Years Eve.  Its our way of saying thanks for buying your tickets early through our website.

Buy your ticket(s) ONLINE NOW

£ 20.00 each New Years Eve

* Limit of 1 voucher per transaction will apply, but multiple orders can be made, each with a £5 extra voucher FREE.

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