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Halloween 2015-Join us for FREE

     Halloween fast approaches us. 

DJ Dave Aura has promised the biggest night in the whole of St.Peterport and we dont doubt that. Aura has now been with us for 7 whole weeks and the club has improved leaps and bounds, week by week we see an increase on numbers and the atmosphere gets bigger each weekend. 
So don't miss out this Halloween on the biggest party in town, it's free all night and join us in Luna with the DJ's warming you all up to plough through the secret door into the club. 

Members get more... For FREE

Have you signed up for our membership card yet?  Members get MORE for FREE every time them come to Fusion & Luna.

We offer a generous 4 points for every £1 spent.  Save up your points and use them to buy a round for your mates, or pay to get in.  Its up to you.

You can sign up for FREE membership NOW at